Fiber Tapes

The OC FiberMax Loop Lock Tape kit is an innovative way to stabilize circumferential fractures. It’s a non-metal solution, meaning no interference with nearby implants, and is 100% radiolucent so it won’t pick up on radiographic imaging. Its unique fixation allows for superior stabilization and control of the fracture site with greater flexibility than metal wires and cables. Its metal-free fastening system ensures the loop-lock tape is secure and lays flat over the bone and plating. Its broad compression over the bone help decreases the incidence of intraoperative fractures when dealing with poor bone quality. Its versatile design and handling characteristics make the kit an ideal choice when it comes to managing fractures during trauma and reconstruction procedures. The kit includes FiberMax Loop Lock Tape, OC Fiber with 15mm Loop and a Pulling suture loop. The passing hook, tensioner and T-Handle are available separately in the instrument set.

Ordering Information

Catalog No Product Description
OC4590 OC FiberMax Loop Lock Tape Kit

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