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About Us

Meet Osteocare

Osteocare was founded in the year 2013. Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of arthroscopy implants & instruments in India, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality products, which are backed by our certifications.

10+ Years
of experience

Research & Innovation

At our company, research and innovation are at the core of what we do. We are constantly striving to push boundaries and develop new technologies that will revolutionize the field of arthroscopy.

RootFix Anchor
OsteoKnot Ex Anchor
OC OsteoFix-PK PEEK Suture Anchor
OC Accurate Drill Guide System

Our Products

Knee Arthroscopy

OASIS Skill and Research Foundation

The OASIS Skill and Research Foundation is an organization dedicated toproviding specialized medical education to orthopedic surgeons in thefield of arthroscopy and sports medicine. The OASIS stands for anOsteocare Academy for Sports Injury Surgery & Skill Lab. The foundationaims to enhance the quality of medical care provided to individuals withmusculoskeletal injuries and disorders.


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